What’s in my hang luggage – Short Haul


So at the moment I’m currently in London for a work trip. From Malta the flight is only 3 hours, so I don’t need to pack too much in my hand luggage as it’s only a short haul flight. Having to take flights often, i’ve mastered the art of packing hand luggage and I try to keep it simple. So here’s what I take with me:

Jeans: When flying, I like to be comfortable, so I’m usually in leggings, a jumper and trainers. I’m defiantly not one of those people who dress up for the airport. I pop jeans in my hand luggage so that when I land I can change into them and feel a little more dressed.

A spare pair of pants: I always carry a spare pair of underpants in my carry on, god forbid they lose my luggage, but if they do i’ll have clean pants!

Tissues: A little self explanatory, but always good to have.

Wipes: Incase I need to wipe down the tray, or my hands.

Hand Sanatizer: I always carry this, especially if i’m going to eat anything. The amount of nasty things you touch at the airpot, I don’t even want to think how many people have touched it before me!

Emergency pack: I transfer this over from my handbag, it has tampons, tablets, nail file, charger pack, plasters, lip balm etc 

Sunglasses: Whether i’m going to a sunny country or not, it’s always good to have.

Wallet + Currency: Not going to get very far without this.

Book: I’m just about the read GirlBoss, so I’ve packed this to pass the time

Ipad + Headphones: Another time killer, I load this up with shows and movies to watch on the plane. I also use it to watch Netflix while i’m at the hotel.

Hoodie: I carry this incase I get cold on the plane, I’ll also use it while I’m away if i’m just lounging around the hotel room or need to nip out quickly for something

So there you have it, my hand luggage. It’s not overly exciting, and there’s now secret thing I have (well maybe except the under pants!).

What do you take in yours?


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