Travel: Easter in Taormina, Sicily

A couple of weeks ago I jetted off to Sicily for a long weekend over Easter. The flight from Malta to Catania is only 30 minutes, so it was a breeze getting there. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a short flight and it was a rare delight.

Since the flight is crazy early, like 5:50am, we had the pleasure of landing for sunrise. Look at this view of Mount Etna as we were coming into land!

First stop….Nutella croissants – right out the oven! Yummy!

Next up we hired a car and drove to Taormina, which takes about 50 minutes and with this stunning view I couldn’t complain!

When we arrived in Taormina we had a bit of a disaster with the parking. Our hotel didn’t have parking and there wasn’t anywhere near by to park so we had to drive to a long stay car park and catch a bus back into town. The bus journey is like less than 2 minutes so it wasn’t too much of a trek, but we did have to get our luggage from the bus to the hotel and from being up from 2am I just wanted to be over!

We stay a Il Piccolo Giardino Hotel. Despite not having parking we were in a great location. A few steps down and we were right on the main street. I forgot to take pictures of the hotel, but here is of the restaurant that also doubled as the breakfast area.

The hotel was nice, nothing too fancy as it was just a cheap getaway, but it had a rooftop pool with an amazing view.

After we checked in and freshened up, we went for a stroll around Taormina. The place is just beautiful.

The views were breath taking. After a long day, we called it a night after an early dinner. The next day we were up early for the main event – a pizza making lesson…when in Italy!

We got to make bread, pasta and pizza all from scratch, and had loads of fun. Afterwards we got to sit down and enjoy our feast!

The rest of the holiday we spent it, what felt like just eating but there was lots of walking and exploring in-between as well. Oh and gelato, can’t forget the amazing gelato.

On our last day I’d booked the last flight home which wasn’t until 10pm so we had the whole day to go shopping. We headed in to Catania to the shopping mall and to the designer outlet. However on the way we stopped from some petrol and some guy reverse into our car. Complete panic as we don’t speak Italian so had to call some in some favours from people at work to translate for us.

But…look at the view we got to enjoy on the way from the outlets on the way to the airport!

Sicily is so beautiful – 10/10 would recommend to visit if you get the chance! Have you been, what did you think?

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