My moving abroad story

my moving abroad story

You won’t meet two ex-pats that have the same story, I often get asked how I ended up in Malta so I thought i’d share my story with you.

It all starts 8 years ago, I was living at home and working in McDonalds having just completed my HND in technical support at the local collage. At the time I was a manager but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career. One day I saw a poster advertising a new scheme, allowing you to go and work any where in Europe. I thought ‘why not’ and applied. I ended up moving to Mallorca on the 6th of January with a girl called Katie from Birmingham who’d I’d never met before. It’s somewhere I’d been a couple of times before on holiday so it wasn’t completely new to me. I’d signed up for 10 1-hour lessons of Spanish before going and hugely underestimated how much I needed to learn, but that was all the part of the fun. I stayed there for around a year, during that time I became friends with a girl from Malta. She invited me to spend Christmas with her family in Malta and I jumped at the chance – even though I didn’t know where it was or anything about it!

Once arriving I fell in love with the Island and had an overwhelming sense of ‘home’. 6 short days later I met my now boyfriend of 7 years and fell in love all over again. When it came time to return to Mallorca I didn’t want to go, and made the decision to stay. So that’s how I ended up living in Malta. I needed a job so I applied for a few positions in igaming and was lucky to get a job pretty quickly, and I ended up moving in with my boyfriend. It was a little risky, but we’re still together so I guess it worked out. So here I am 7 years later, still living and working in Malta and loving it as much as when I first landed.

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