Flash Sticks – learn a new language in 30 days


Last month, the lovely guys over at Flash Sticks challenged me to learn a new language in 30 days, I love learning new languages so I jumped at the chance and accepted the challenge.

Flash sticks is a post-it note based system that is supported by an app. You basically have 100 word to learn in a month – so that works out roughly 3 per day  – not so difficult right?

The post-it notes come colour coordinated for easy learning – blue for masculine, pink for feminine and green for natural. I  chose to do the beginners Spanish course.. I knew a little Spanish already so I thought this would help out along the way.

Every day, I placed 3 or 4 post it notes on my wall, so when I walked past I could remind myself. I’d stop and practice the pronunciation as well as looking over the words I’d already learned.


For words that were household objects I placed the post-it on the item to make it easier to remember.

IMG_5080 IMG_5081

As I mentioned this also came with an app. Within the app you can take a picture of the word you are learning and someone pops up and helps you with the pronunciation. I didn’t have to do this with all the words, but for the more difficult ones this feature definitely helped.

IMG_5082I really enjoyed taking part in the Flash Sticks challenge, it’s a fun and easy way to learn a language at home. I found that in the beginner package I learned enough to get by while on holiday in Spain, it also covered basic phrases like ‘I’m hungry’ and numbers 1-10 as well as house hold objects. I’m already thinking of what language I can learn next…

Once you’ve learned the basics, Flash Sticks have different packages you can purchase such as ‘Holiday & Travel’, ‘Food & Drink’ and lots more.

If you’re like me and love learning new languages, you can purchase a Flash Stick for only £4.99* from FlashSticks.com, it’s a lot easier and a more fun way to learn a new language.

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