Unwind in the bedroom – Blackout curtains & more

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If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you one of my favourite things to do is sleep. There is no denying it, I love my bed and I spend a lot of time in my bedroom.

My bedroom at home is my haven. I love crisp white sheets, total darkness and everything to be clean and tidy. If i’m not sleeping, i’ll usually lying on my bed watching Netflix to unwind. My bedroom is my little space, and I like it to be as stress free as possible.

Recently I’ve stopped using the computer in my room, ok I still use my phone but if I’m blogging I sit in the office and I feel I’m a lot more productive there. I think it’s important to separate your spaces for work and relaxing, so when I go to my room I know i’m going to relax.

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things that help me keep my bedroom a haven of relaxation.

First off, I’d suggest investing in a good pair of Blackout curtains, I love the selection of blackout curtains & blinds from the Yorkshire Linen Collection.  If like me, you love total darkness, blackout curtains will become your best friend. Especially if you’re working shifts and sleep during the day, total darkness will help you unwind and get your body ready to relax and go to sleep, they will also minimise any outside noise. Argos also do a great affordable range of blackout blinds, and they have some cute designs that would be perfect for a kids room.

The second thing I couldn’t do without with my Egyptian cotton bedding. While it’s a littler more expensive than normal linen, it will honestly change your quality of sleep. I switched my bedding to Egyptian cotton about 5 years ago and I wish i’d done it sooner. It’s just so soft and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a  cloud. The Yorkshire linen Co have a great sale on at the moment, with Egyptian cotton set starting from £19.99.

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Now that’s we’ve got the darkness and bedding sorted, let’s talk about bedroom accessories.  While I like to keep my room pretty minimal, I look like it smelling good as well… I have a ‘bedroom scent’, which is ‘Pomegranate Noir’ by Jo Malone, one of my favourite scents. I use the room spray and candle to keep my room smelling good. I know that Jo Malone is expensive, but the Yankee Candle company do some great scents too, I love their fresh linen scent.

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The last thing I love having in my room is flowers, there is something about them I find calming and relaxing, a little bit of nature right there on my bed side table. While fresh flowers can be expensive to buy every single week, there are some great imitation flowers out there, check our your local garden centre or hobby craft for pretty artificial flowers.

What do you ‘need’ in your bedroom to relax and unwind?


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