Blogger Christmas Gift Guide

Blogger Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas soon approaching, you might be stuck what to buy for the blogger in your life, or even gift ideas for yourself so i’ve put together a little guide of ideas incase you need some help.

Everything I’ve picked, I either own already or it’s on my wish list this year:


Blogger Christmas Gift guide1)Photography background – £9.75
2)Tripod £17.00
3) Cannon 550D £389.70
4) Eat, Sleep, Blog Repeat Mug £6.99
5) Blog Planner £11.41
6) Box Lights £60.00
7) Tea Selection £10.52
8) Shutter release £2.79

In 2016 I really plan to up my photography skills hence the abundance of photography equipment. I also ready own the Cannon 550D and it’s perfect for blogging, although I still need to get to grips with the settings and not use the auto  function so much. While it’s expensive you can also looking at buying used models on Amazon, which takes the cost down significantly . The tripod, well that’s self explanatory and the shutter release for when you don’t have a friend handy to take your OOTD. I’ve already ordered a photography background, I couldn’t wait until christmas  to get some cute shots.

I choose the mug, because it’s cute (I do love a sassy mug!) and it’s also true! and there is also the tea, because no blogger gets any work done without a steaming hot cup of tea.

And to wrap everything together you need to plan what you’re actually going to blog about, so you’ll also need this handy blog planner.

What blogging items do you have on your Christmas wish list?

5 thoughts on “Blogger Christmas Gift Guide

  1. This past couple of months, I’ve gotten back into the habit of using my SLR for blog photos – I wish it was more portable though! I end up using my iPhone for events etc, and kicking myself afterwards.

    Anyway, a decent tripod is a MUST – there’s only so far you can go with bookshelves. Definitely one for the Christmas list.

  2. Hi, Stopping by from A Page of Fictional Love.

    I adore that mug! I think I might simply have to ask santa for that… or if he thinks i’ve been a tad naughty this year i’ll just treat myself haha. And that Blog Planner… I like the sound of that… and the photography background… Oh my… You have made my christmas list grow lol.

    Love your blog BTW and will be stopping by … ALOT <3

    Big hugs,
    Dawn x

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