My first trip to 5 Guys

5 guys

So as we all know, I was in London last week (I’ve only mentioned it 100 times!). While there I met up with a business colleague for dinner. We were discussing where to go, I said I wasn’t fussed for a stuffy dinner and he suggested 5 Guys – give me a burger any day!

I’d never been to 5 Guys so I jumped at the chance to go. We met at Westfield and went to the store there.

First off, if you’ve never been – someone described it to me as ‘the burger bar of Subways’. So basically you get to choose your own toppings! What a great idea right? Why did no one think of this sooner.

5 guys

I opted for the cheese burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, and ketchup, accompanied by some regular fries and a soft drink (they have over 100 to choose from).

Everything is cooked fresh in front of you, and we only waited 10 minutes (max) for our order to be ready. The burger came well done, which I prefer, so I was happy with that.

I know there are 5 Guys popping up all over the UK at the moment, so if you’re from the US I know this isn’t new for you, but please excuse us while we drool. If you’ve never been to 5 Guys and have one near you…don’t put it off. GO! Go and get one of those delicious juicy burgers now!

Have you been to 5 Guys? Do you love it?


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