Cute Lunch Bags

primark lunch bag

While I was in the UK at Christmas Time, I popped into Primark for a look. I was just browsing around, mostly looking for house stuff and I stumbled across these cute little lunch bags.

One thing I’m really terrible at, is preparing lunch to take to work. I’m not sure if i’m disorganised or just lazy. But I bought these hoping the cuteness would inspire me to make a packed lunch everyday. I manage take snacks and fruit to work, I just never quite seem to take actual food and end up having to buy something and that can get expensive, especially when it’s every day of the week.

I’m looking for lunch inspiration of things that are easy to make and take to work (other than sandwiches.) What do you take in your packed lunch?

The Lunch bags are available from Primark – £1

2 thoughts on “Cute Lunch Bags

  1. I usually cook extra for dinner and take that for lunch! No extra effort needed 🙂 The bags are super cute!

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