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Over the years I had tried various Yoga classes, I’d heard about the amazing benefits and wanted to see for myself. In 2014 I attend one at the Hilton in St.Julians quite a few times and while I enjoyed it I always felt there was something missing.

Recently I got the opportunity to attend a class, with a bit of a difference. It was for complete beginners, there was no more than 6 people in each class and we’d also be incorporating mindfulness into our practice. It was run by someone who I’d known professionally for a while so I signed up.

This new class was a whole new experience for me. So far I’ve done 3 classes out for the 6 in the course, and I’m already enjoying the benefits. Each lesson incorporates something different, for example the last class was about breathing. Since everyone else in the class hadn’t done yoga before, we started from the beginning. We did sun salutations to start with and each week we add different poses into our routine.

After my first lesson I felt so much more relaxed off the matt. The day after, nothing could stop my amazing mood (although I did have something to do with that it was a Friday as well). But I felt just so chilled, even on my way to the class I felt myself looking forward to the practice.

For the last 15 minutes of the class during Shavasana, we have a guided mindful meditation. Complete with blankets and eye masks. I have to admit this is my favourite part, it just chills me out and centres me. Afterwards I feel so relaxed and refreshed. Meditation I want to start doing daily ( I just need to make the time)

I’m a little sad this class will come to an end, but I think i’ll sign up to the next course in a couple of months. But i’ll also look for another class, one that fits my needs in the meantime.

Yoga is personal thing, if you’re thinking about starting you need to find a class that fits your needs. For me it’s all about the relaxation and unwinding, for others it’s about the fitness. So pick a class that you’ll benefit from.

What’s your yoga experience?


2 thoughts on “My Yoga Experience

  1. I absolutely love Yoga. I’ve actually never been to a Yoga class. I did it my room with help of a YouTube videos by Yoga With Adriene. I love that feeling after I’m done with a Yoga practice. It’s so good. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Hey Elaine! I’m so glad I read your post, I’ve been thinking of starting my practice again and it’s good to be reminded of the benefits of yoga. It’s great you’ve found a class that fits your needs! I’m starting my hunt again so hopefully, I find one that’s just right too. Enjoy your last 3 sessions!

    x Reg

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