My top 5 fitness apps

top fitness apps

If you read my 2016 Fitness Goals post you’ll know that 2016 is the year where I’m going to get my fitness life in order. To keep track of what i’m doing, I use a bunch of different apps. Here’s a list of what I use and how I use it.


This is a pretty simple app but it’s one I use everyday. It runs in the background and tracks your movement, be it walking, running, cycling, car, plane etc. It tells you where you’ve been, what you’ve done and for how long. It reports back on Steps (in km), Time and steps. While it’s not a huge amount, I aim to walk around 5km per day and this app helps me achieve this. If i’m a couple of km short in the evening, I’ll go out for a walk to get my numbers up. So if you’re looking to count your walking distance, this is a great starter app.

Couch to 5K

I discovered this app last year, when I set myself the goal of running 5k. I’m terrible at running, and I struggle evening to run 1k a the moment – awful I know! This app starts you off walking for a few minutes, run for a minute, walk, run, walk run, eventually building you up to a 5k run over 8 weeks. I’ve never completed the challenge, but I hope in 2016 I will.

Map my walk

I haven’t used this app as much as I’d like to, but I think i’ll be switching to this over moves for my morning and evening walks as it has a ton of more features. If you want to take up walking and keep motivated, I highly recommend you check out this app. You can even post your results to Facebook, which gives you the motivation to keep going.

Map my run

More or less the same as Map my walk but for running. However you can run or walk using both apps. So i’d just pick one, and stick with that.

My Fitness pal

You’ve probably all ready heard of my fitness pal, as it’s a very popular app. You insert data into the app include weight and your weight goals. Then each day you add in what you’ve ate and what exercise you’ve done, then it reports back on your calorie allowance for the day.

All of the above apps are available from the apple app store. Let me know what apps you use, I’m always on the look out for more apps to use.

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