My morning routine

morning routine

My old morning routine used to be – sleep as long as possible, but recently I’ve been getting up earlier in the mornings and enjoying getting a lot more stuff done. While I still love to sleep, I find I feel better throughout the day if i get up and do what needs done in the mornings. I’ve never been a morning person, but I love lazy evenings so I find that if i get stuff done in the morning I don’t have anything to do in the evening!

My routine

6.20am: I wake up, or hit the snooze button for 5 more minutes (old habits die hard)
6.30am: I go for a power walk around my neighbour hood and listen to a motivational podcast. I’m currently listening to TedTalks and Gretchen Rubin
6.50am -7.20am : Jump in the shower, get dressed and put my make up on.
7.30am: Check blog emails/social media + Check work emails

I’m not much of a breakfast person so I grab a couple of apples to eat at work around 10am when I start getting peckish. Lunches are prepared the night before.

7:50am: Leave for work – it takes me around 20 mins door to door ( if you have a 1 hour + commute, i don’t know how you do it!)

8:10am: I normally get into the office before everyone else, this gives me time to catch up on urgent emails and then I schedule my tweets for the day using buffer. I write my to list and by 8:30am I’m ready to go for the day.

If you’re wondering where my morning coffee is – it’s not there. Weirdly I don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, so it’s never been something I’ve wanted, let along when I first wake up! But I do know a lot of people can’t function in the mornings without coffee.

It’s not the most exciting morning routine, although it’s a lot more productive than I used to be last year, the power walk in the morning really wakes me up, and the podcasts inspires ideas – be it for my blog, work or just life in general. I tried exercising after work, but it was always too easy to make an excuse, so if you were like me – never getting round to excising the evening, start small like I am at the moment with a 20 min walk in the mornings.

What I’d do differently

There’s a few things that, if I had the time….(the thought of getting up even earlier fills me with dread at the moment, especially in winter)…that i’d like to add to my morning routine. For example…eventually I’d like to turn my power walk into a run as part of my 2016 fitness goals. I’d also like to include a 20 min yoga session as well – I bought all the equipment and everything!!..if only you could buy time!

I’d also love to have a 10 minute meditation session in the morning, I found a great app – HeadSpace that has guided meditation, but I still need to work out how I’ll fit that in.

And lastly, to make my evenings even lazier I intend to buy a slow cooker, so I don’t have to think about dinner when I get in. Do you have a slow cooker? What’s your favourite thing to make, I need to start thinking of ideas?

Do you sleep as long as possible, or do you get up and get stuff done? What’s your ideal morning routine?

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