Meditation and mindfullness


In the recent years there has been so much awareness about mental health issues, and it is important to keep a healthy mind. It’s not just things like depression that can effect us, things such as stress can not only effect us emotionally but also physically as well.

I’ve struggled in the past, just like probably most people – with stress and anxiety. As after a lot of trail and error I’ve found something that works for me – meditation and mindful thinking.

You don’t need to run off and join a cult and start doing rain dances or whatever other stigma is attached to meditation. All you need is 10 minutes per day of peace and quiet.

It takes a lot of practice to completely still the mind, but if you can just be present and in the moment and clear your mind for 10 minutes per day you’ll start feeling a lot more relaxed.

But it’s not those 10 minutes per day, as you learn the skills and understand the thought process behind mindfulness thinking – you start using it in your everyday life to de-stress. Worried what might happen at work tomorrow? Can you do right this moment to change anything? The answer will likely be no…So you don’t need to worry about it now. Enjoy what you’re doing right now and deal with the situation when it occurs. Half the time it won’t even be nearly as bad as you predicted.

For me, I use an app called – HeadSpace. It’s a 10 minute guided meditation that I follow each day. I simply find a quite place that i’m comfortable – normally crossed legged on the bedroom floor, with a cosy blanket and listen to this app.

If you’re unsure where to start, the app is a great thing you can try at home. If not have a look around your local area – meditation classes are becoming more popular these days.

If you’re stressed out a lot, I highly recommend you do some research into meditation and mindfulness. It’s really helped me a lot to appreciate the moment enjoy life a lot more.

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