2016 Fitness Goals

2016 Fitness Goals

So 2015 for me, fitness wise has been a bit of a let down. I no way claim to be a fitness freak, or even remotely a gym bunny but I’ve always had the intention and it’s the enthusiasm  that counts right? But I’m stuck in a hard place at the moment – I hate working out, but I want to be fit! You can see my dilemma right?

As I said 2015 has been a fitness failure for me. Last Christmas I asked for workout clothes and a yoga mat. Between traveling and visitors this year, I don’t think there has been 3 weeks in a row where something hasn’t happened Personally I find it difficult to get into a routine when I’m travelling or have people visiting.

So I’m hoping 2016 will be less hectic and I’m determined to get fit next year, as it’s the year I hit the dreaded 3-0! So I’ll bring my 2015 goals into 2016 and try once again. So here’s the plan, I feel if publish it i’ll need to do my best to stick to it:

  • Start running, with the aim of completing a 5k by the year end.
  • Take yoga up again (once a week at least).
  • Commit to the Saturday morning exercise class.

While 5k might not sound a lot, currently I cannot run the length of myself. I literally hate running – I think I look funny and I’m not very good at it. But I’m determined to love it, and I’m hoping…..hoping I’ll even get up and go for a run before work.

Yoga, I started back late 2014 and stuck to it for a couple of months then 2015 came and everything fell apart. I used to go to a class on Friday evenings after work and I rather enjoyed the wind down after a busy week. So as of 2016 my aim is to go back to this class.

We have a personal trainer friend who encourages me to go to his classes. I’ve done a few this month and while the thought of getting 7.30am on a Saturday morning fills me with dread. Once I do it, I find I have a productive Saturday. So I plan to continue doing this.

Do you have 2016 fitness goals? I’d love to hear what they are…

8 thoughts on “2016 Fitness Goals

    1. That’s a good start. I wanted to get up early in the morning and work out. I over slept this morning but I still managed a 15 minute walk. I feel even something small is better than nothing. But I totally get that it’s difficult with odd hours. x

  1. Count me in as well!! 2015 has been a total fail for me when it comes to exercising compared to my prior years of being fit. I do find switching up your routine will help with getting your mojo back! I use to just stay on the elliptical machine but now I enjoy going on hilly walks with my dog outside. Maybe that’ll be a nice idea to try.

    Christina @ TheWritingsOfFaith.com

    1. That’s a great idea, i’ll def try and mix it up. I’ve already managed to get early 3 mornings in a row and go for a power walk. I think i’ll check out add some classes or swimming in the mix as well. 🙂 x

  2. hello found you on twitter, I think we all have these fitness ruts. I do know that when I was constantly talking to someone about fitness I was keeping up with it because I felt like I didn’t want to sound like a hypocrite. I also found that when I was on vacation I typically worked out more than when I was home because I wasn’t drained from work itself. But that is probably just me because I am weird like that.

    I say start with small tasks first then move up. Don’t just look at your fitness goals as a long dark tunnel and celebrate your wins even as little as possible buy yourself work out gear even if on sale, etc. I remember this quote too “Don’t reward yourself with food, your not a dog.” – eating is currently one of my big fitness issues, but I have been doing better.


    1. That’s some great advice thanks! I’ve already started going for small walks in the morning, i’ll keep doing that for a while then build it up to a jog, and eventually a run. I look forward to rewarding myself with lots of new workout clothes 🙂 x

  3. I took to the stage for my first figure bodybuilding show in November and will compete in several shows in 2016.. I’ve given up long distance running to compete in this sport.
    As for you and running, start small. There are quite a few free C25K apps out there that are intervals of walking and running. I’ve used those to help coach people wanting to accomplish a C25K goal. Something else that can help is finding a local running group so you have someone else to meet up with.
    Good luck on your goals!

    1. Congrats on your first show, and good luck for the upcoming events.

      I actually have C25K and plan on using it properly again from next year, lets hope i make it past week 1 this time! x

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