My Louboutin Shoe Collection

louboutin collection

I guess I should start this post off with a disclaimer that this post wasn’t meant to brag, merely a way show my fellow shoe lover my little collection. All these shoes I’ve worked and saved hard for. If you’re interest in learning more about buying Louboutin shoes, I’d suggest you read my Louboutin or Jimmy Choo Guide

So I’ll start off with the first pair I ever bought. These are the Big Lips Pumps 120. I remember seeing Cheryl Cole wearing a red pair in one of her music videos and I absolutely loved them, however I decided to go for black instead. The heel height is 120mm and is actually a lot bigger than it looks.

louboutin shoes

There are Taxi shoes, you know the ones where you don’t actually walk in. They look amazing on, but I don’t find them practical  to actually walk in. Sadly these don’t get out as often as I’d like to.

Next up is the Louboutin Air pumps in grey flannel with a black bow. These are my latest addition to my collection. The Air isn’t designed to be worn outside, but either inside or for when traveling. On long haul flights I take these with my to change into on the plane, so I don’t have to wear big shoes on a 10 hour flight, comfortable and fashionable at the same time, my favourite pair. I also wear them around the house.

louboutin air

Last but not least is the pair of N’Prive 120 Kid – a peep toe with a sling back. I love these shoes, but they are also pretty high but easier to walk in than the Big Lips. Again I went for the classic black in these, and the flash of red adds a bit of colour. I like to pair these with a red lip stick when I’m wearing them.

Louboutin shoes

So there you have it, my little Louboutin collection. What’s you’re favourite style of Louboutins?

3 thoughts on “My Louboutin Shoe Collection

  1. Hi, I wanted to ask you how much do you wear and if their sizes are true to your normal size. I wear a 41 but I don’t manage to wear lots of high heeled shoes as I have quite wide feet. I would like to order some Choos from but i am afraid they wouldn’t fit.

    1. Tbh I don’t wear my louboutins that much, I do find them uncomforatble but they are just so darn pretty. I also wear a 41, but some of their styles run small and and some large. For example the ‘airs’ i have are small.

      There is a good thread over on the Purse forum here:

      It tells you all the styles and the sizing of them. (TTS = true to size)

      Mytheresa is a good site though, so if you don’t like them or they don’t fit you can always send them back.

      Hope this helps xx

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