Asos Watch

black watch

So before two weeks ago I have to admit I hadn’t worn a watch since I was about 17. With mobile phones I never felt I really needed one, but over the last couple of years they’ve come back into fashion and keen to catch up, I ordered this little number for ASOS.

Like all new style or accessories that I want to try I out, I buy a cheap piece first and if I like it and wear it i’ll invest in a more expensive piece.  It’s a great way to see if something suits you without spending lots of money.

This is just a plain black watch with a gold trim – similar here.

Funny story about this watch actually. When it arrived it wasn’t working, so I presumed I might need a new battery so I took it to a local watch shop to see if they could put a new battery in it for me. The guy behind the counter took it and had a look, about 2 seconds later he said “You haven’t pushed the crown in!”, you know the little dial at the side? It’s fair to say I was pretty embarrassed.


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