Flormar Malta



Last Wednesday I headed to bay street to check out the new Flormar store. As usual with any make up store I was like a kid in a candy store. I took about a gazillion pictures and i’ve put the best together for some #makeupporn for you guys, as who doesn’t love looking a pictures of make up!

img_6775 img_6776 img_6777 img_6778 img_6779 img_6781 img_6782 img_6783 img_6784 img_6785 img_6786 img_6787 img_6788 img_6789 img_6790 img_6791 img_6792 img_6793 img_6794 img_6795 img_6796 img_6797 img_6799 img_6800 img_6803 img_6804 img_6805 img_6806 img_6807 img_6808 img_6809

If you haven’t heard about Flormar, let me tell you a little about it…

Flormar is an Italian brand and the make up is produced in Turkey, it’s also Turkeys number one make up brand. With over 700 stores in 90 different countries there is no denying it’s popularity.

I have so many Flormar products to show you guys, so keep an eye out for an upcoming haul as well as a tutorial.

Have you tried Flormar Products? What did you think?

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