3INA Store opening

3ine malta

Last Wednesday I headed over to The Point in Sliema to celebrate the new 3INE (produced – Mina) store opening.

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3INE is a new make up brand created by Mark Eve and Pablo Rivera and is quickly becoming an international sensation.

With almost every colour imaginable available across a huge range of high quality products at affordable prices it’s quickly becoming a firm makeup bag favourite.

Each month they launch a new product. Most makeup brands launch a range of 8 colour, but 3INE launch 16 colours with the new products. They also cater for all skin tones, no matter your shade, there will always be something for you.

Being in the store is like being a kid in a candy store, I almost didn’t know where to look first! They have everything you could need – make up wise. Brushes, toners, highlighter, foundation, nail polish and everything else in between.

If you haven’t been yet, I recommend you go and check it out. I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

I have some products to try out so keep an eye out here for up coming reviews.

What do you think of 3INE?

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