Make Up Storage tour

IMG_6191Today, I thought I’d share with you guys my make up storage. In no way is it how i’d like it, but since I’m living in a rented apartment that came furnished I don’t have too much choice at the moment. But i’ve tired to make it own. Here’s what I’ve done…
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Boots Haul

IMG_6077A few weeks ago my boyfriend was in the UK visiting family, so I took the opportunity to do an online Boots order, I’d seen a few products other bloggers were using that I really wanted to try out.
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My brow routine


Let me just start off by saying it has taken me a lot of time to get my brows the way I want them. Before I had really thin and almost straight eyebrows, but with the help of some talented ladies and some clever make up, I finally have my perfect eyebrows.

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