SEO – The basics

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So today I’m going to cover the basics of SEO, there’s loads of guides out there. But I thought I’d share my tips with you.

If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s Search Engine Optimisation meaning the little tricks you do to make your site and posts visible in a search engine (google). I won’t go into it too much, but google has an algorithm that looks a lots of different factors to determine how relevant your post or site is to the user depending on what they are searching for. Goggle won’t show you a page about lipstick if you’re looking to buy a new car. But if your looking for a Chanel lipstick for example, you want your post about Chanel lipstick to show.

To optimise your posts here’s a few things that you can do:

Naming images: Before uploading your pictures make sure you name them correctly. If your talking about Chanel lipstick shade Red, your file name should be ‘Chanel Lipstick Shade Red’, if you have more than one, add 01,02,03 at the end.

Alt Tags: Once you’ve uploaded images, you’ll have the option to add Alt (alternative) tags. This tells google what your image is, and also if it doesn’t display it will show the user what should be there. This should be something that describe the image so it could be ‘ red Chanel lipstick on a white background’

Keywords: Keywords is what your post is about. The more you mention your key words, the more google knows what your talking about. If your talking about Chanel lipstick, make sure you include those words 3-4 times throughout your post(including your post title).

Post Titles: When creating a post title, try to keep it to what you’re talking about – ‘Chanel Lipstick Shade 01 review’. Also keep it under 55 characters so it shows correctly in the search engine results.

Unique Content: I can’t stress this one enough, you must have unique and quality content on your blog if you want to rank. If you steal someone else’s content – google will know and it doesn’t like it either. Not to mention its not fair to the person who spent the time creating it. It’s also advisable to make your posts a minimum of 300 words.

So that’s the basics covered, if you didn’t know anything about SEO before now this is a great starting place. I’ll follow up shortly with more advanced tips for those of you who already have a grasp of the basics.


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