When To Say No To A Brand

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When you start blogging it’s more than likely you’ll start to get approached by brands and companies and I know this will seem exciting at first there will be a time when you’ll have to politely say thanks but no thanks to them.

The most common one you’ll likely get is dress shops from China looking either for a link, or for you to review their site. Generally these types of shops a low quality clothing, and even the most price conscious shopper wouldn’t wear it. Now you work hard on your blog, you invest time and even money in running your little site. Don’t let these companies take advantage of you, just politely decline their offer and wait for something that suits your target audience a little better.

Another one that I came across was a company looking for me to recommend their products, do a post and promote it….for nothing in return. The girl I spoke to was very lovely and understanding. However I couldn’t recommend something to my readers that I’d never sampled or used myself. I had to politely decline their offer.

Next up is the people who want to give you something that has nothing to do with your niche. Sometimes there is an exception to this rule, when your readers might find it interesting. But if you’re just excepting a product or sponsored post for the sake of it – maybe think twice. Sure it’s flattering they’ve recognised your blog and want to give you something, but in the end it might not be worth it.

I hope you found this post helpful -if  you have any questions, just leave a comment below.


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