How I plan my blog posts

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Before I start this post, I have to give credit to TeaPartyBeauty as I got the inspiration from her when I set this up. When I started blogging again, I started reading a lot of tutorials and found Hayleys posts really helpful, so be sure to check them out as well.

So I start off by creating a excel spread sheet to help me keep track of everything. I divide it by a new tab for every month.

In each sheet I include the following:

  • Date
  • Day
  • Post
  • Events
  • Post Ideas
  • Products received
  • Photos needed
  • Images needed
  • Things to do

All together it looks like this:

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I also have a colour coded system to mark when posts are – complete, written only, pictures only and missing links/information.

I usually try to plan my content about a month in advance. There are certain things I post about weekly – i.e. Friday blogging tips and Sunday weekly round up posts, so I put them in straight away. I’ll then have a look at the events I have coming up and the products I’ve received and schedule them into the month as well. I’ll also pencil in anything I know i’ve bought/going to buy that i’ll blog about as well. Surprisingly a months worth of content can fill up pretty quickly.

Once I know what I’m going to write about, I start filling in the rest of the form for photos I need to take, or images I need created.

Thought the month I’ll fill in the Things to Do section, it could be anything from updating links/images to installing updates…basically just general blog maintenance and I try to tackle that when I have extra time.

I’ll do a separate post on how I manage to post everyday and how that works for me, but this is how I organise my blog schedule. I hope you found this helpful.

How to you organise your posts?

4 thoughts on “How I plan my blog posts

  1. THIS IS SO HELPFUL . My blog is a baby right now and I’ve been struggling with how to organize my content calendar. I just might have to take a page from your book.

  2. This is so useful! I’ve only just started blogging and still getting to grips with everything, this will definatly help me. Thanks for sharing

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