My favourite paid social media tools

paid social media tools

A few weeks ago I did a post ‘How to automate your social media for free’ and todays post will be part two of that and i’ll show you my favourite paid social media tools.

Now I understand not everyone can afford to pay for social media tools, or might just not want to. But with the amount of time I invest in my blog, it was my choice to also invest money too.


This tool will help you increase your twitter following. I find that if you don’t have a lot of time to join in chats and interact with other bloggers, growing twitter can take some time. Twitfox can auto-like (and follow/unfollow) users that use your chosen hash tags. Personally I choose not to use the follow/unfollow function as I find it quite spammy, but the auto like function is quite handy in attracting attention to your twitter and blog. It’s really easy to use once it’s set up

Price: Starting from $30 per month


Koalike is like twitfox for instagram. It will auto-like pictures with your chosen hashtags, it also has the option to follow/unfollow but as mentioned above I choose not to use this feature. Within the monthly fee it includes unlimited likes, so you’ll see a good response with this tool.

Price: Starting from $9.99 per month


Thes is another tool that will automatically engage with social media, and this one is for Pinterest. Like the other tools i’ve mention you can follow/unfollow users on here, do auto comment (i think that option is quite spammy) and auto pin popular pins to your board. It’s a great for helping you grow your pinterest board, especially if you’re just getting started but don’t have the time.

Price: Starts from $39.99 per month

Do you use any paid social media tools, what’s your favourite?

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