How to connect your FB page and twitter

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On Facebook you may have seen some other bloggers statuses come direct from twitter with links to read more. This is a handy tool so you don’t have to post twice. If you want to post the same thing to twitter as you do Facebook, keep on reading and i’ll show you how.

Step 1.

Go to Twitter > Settings > Apps (on the left hand column)

Step 2.

Click ‘Connect to Facebook’

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Step 3.

Follow the instructions and allow twitter access to your Facebook

Step 4.

Set your preferences, so if you want to post to your Blogs Facebook page, allow twitter to post to pages you manage and then select the page you want it to go to.

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And you’re done.

To remove this function, simply go back to Twitter > Settings > Apps and click ‘Disconnect’.

I hope you found this useful.

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