How To Automate Your Social Media For Free

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If you’re not a full-time blogger it’s difficult to be on social media all the time to be posting,  or even if you are it can be time consuming to remember to tweet or post all the time. But thankfully the internet has blessed us with some tools that help us out.

BLOGLOVIN’ – Bloglovin’ has a handy feature that will tweet and post to Facebook when your latest blogpost goes live so you don’t have to. Simply just connect your account and bloglovin’ will do the rest.

Hootsuite/Buffer – I’ve talked about these program before, but I love them because they are free to use. They easily help you schedule tweets and Facebook posts so all your social media will keep running while you’re not at the computer.

TakeOff – This tool will help you schedule your instagram posts and prompt you when they are ready to post. Not totally automated, but handy and it’s free.

If you want to take your social media to the next level, unfortunately you’ll need to pay for some tools. But keep any eye out, i’ll cover those in another post.

What tools do you use?

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