10 Twitter Chats for Bloggers

twitter chats for bloggers

If you are a blogger, it’s very likely that you’ll also be using twitter. You might even be using it to promote your blog (more on that another day). But the one thing with twitter it can be difficult when you start to get out there and make some twitter friends and find some fellow bloggers.

A great way to meet fellow bloggers and engage in the community is, yep you’ve guessed it – Twitter Chats.

If you’ve never taken part in a twitter chat before, basically its a group conversation between a whole bunch of people about a selected topic. Each week someone (either the same person each week, or someone different each week) will host the chat, and they will be the person asking the questions to get the conversation following.

Along with the chat there will be a hashtag, let’s say – #twitterchat, as an example. To simply join in the chat, follow the host and reply to their questions using the chat hashtag. Once you’ve put your two cents in, search for what other people are saying by searching the hashtag. Here you can reply to other people who are in the chat and have a conversation, meet some new people and maybe even get some new twitter followers as well.

Below is a guide of my 10 favourite twitter chats:

#TheGirlGang (general blogger chat) – Monday @ 6pm GMT

#LBloggers (lifestyle bloggers)- Wed & Sun @ 7- 8pm GMT

#Bblogers (Beauty Bloggers) – Sunday @ 8-9pm GMT

#Fbloggers (Fashion bloggers) – Friday @  8pm GMT

#cfbloggers (cruelty free bloggers) – Thursday @ 8pm GMT

#bdib (General blogger chat) – Monday @ 7pm and Friday @ 8pm GMT

#Pbloggers (Parent bloggers) – Sunday @ 9pm GMT

#ltbloggers (lunch time bloggers) – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1pm GMT

#USBloggerChat (US Bloggers) – Thursdays @ 8pm EST

#bookbloggers – Tuesday 7-8pm GMT

Happy Tweeting! If there is other chats that you love, let me know below in the comments.


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