St.Tropez in shower gradual tan review


When I heard about the St.Tropez in shower gradual tan, I was so excited. I wasn’t in the UK at the time and I remember messaging my mum to go and get it for me so I wouldn’t miss out.

I’m a fan of St.Tropez, I used to use their gradual tanning products before, so I couldn’t wait to try this out. I thought it was going be so easy and I’d have a lovely permanent tan.

Oh how wrong I was….

First off, you start by getting in shower. Stop the water, apply the product all over, wait 3 minutes then rinse off.

I had problems when the start, I found applying the cream difficult. I felt like it didn’t take to all of my skin, not to mention you have to use half the bottle for one application…that’s 3 bottles a week if you’re doing it daily!!

It promised to be streak free…and I didn’t find that all. Because the cream didn’t stick to my skin properly I ended up with patches, a bit fail.

So, a big fail from me. I was so excited about this product and it was a total flop. I tried maybe 3 times to use it and each time I had the same results so I’ve given up. I’ll stick to traditional fake tan from now on.

Have you tried in shower tan, what did you think?

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