EVE LOM Rescue Mask Review

eve lom rescue mask

I picked up this Eve Lom Rescue mask as part of my Space NK haul, I hadn’t used it when I got it as I was using up another mask I had…but how sorry am I now.

It comes beautifully packages with a little applicator spatula, which comes in handy so you don’t get face mask under your nails. I like to apply it to my face with the spatula and then rub it all over my face with my fingers for even distribution,


The rescue mask is a clay mask, it’s advised you apply it for 20 minutes before washing it on.

When I first applied this, I was like ‘woah’, and i don’t have that reaction often. In the mask there is something menthol or tea tree as you get a really fresh feeling when applying and you can feel it tingling straight away. I love when you can feel products actually working.

As the 20 minutes go by, the mask starts to dry but not so much that you can’t move your face like some other masks.

After washing it off, my skin feels so and any blemishes are noticeably less noticeable.

At £55 it is expensive, but I think it’s worth it, and i’ll be repurchasing. You can buy it from Lookfanstastic. (They also have a 50ml version here for £35)

Have you tried any Eve Lom products?

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