3INA Nail Polish

3ina nail polish

Last week I shared with you some photos from the store opening of 3INA at The Point in Sliema, you can check out our all the pictures here. So the first impressions of the brand is a good one, and the selection of products and colours is almost over whelming.

But are the products as impressive as their marketing…Well i’ve been testing the products out and today I’ll tell you about one of their nail polishes i’ve been using.

So last week I applied ‘The Nail Polish’, which is their only polish available but it comes in like a billion colours, but see the pictures in the link above. But I tried number 110 which is the perfect lilac/grey colour.

It applies really easy, I didn’t have any lumps or streaks and I found it to try really quickly as well. I was ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Here’s what i looked like on:


I had this on for a couple of days before I changed colours, but I didn’t have any chips in that time. With such a selection of colour, you could literally change your polish everyday to match your outfit *makes mental note to self to start doing this…*. 

So if you’re looking a specific colour, or a classic colour thats easy to apply and will last – 3INA if your new go to place.

Have you been to 3INA yet? What did you think?

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