Podcasts For Bloggers

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Podcasts aren’t for everyone, but recently I’ve been enjoying them. Rather than just listening to music I feel like I’m learning something and being more productive with my free time. Here is a list of my favourite podcasts for bloggers: Read more

Alpha H Holiday Collection

Alpha H

One of my favourite skin care products has to be Alpha H liquid good. When i feel my skin needs a deep cleanse I use this product. When I was ordering a new bottle, I noticed that BeautyBay had this Luxe Holiday collection pack, which was only £5 more than bottle of Liquid Gold, and for that I got an extra product and a mini candle – I do love a good bargain.

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Twitter Guide for bloggers

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You may or may not already be using twitter for your blog (if you’re not, you should be), it’s a handy way to get your posts out there, but it’s also hard to get heard amongst all the chatter and to readers. I’ve put together a little guide to help you get the most out of using twitter for your blog.

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