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So you’re thinking about visiting Malta? Great choice, it’s a beautiful island rich with culture and history. I’ve been on this little rock for over 7 years now, so I thought I’d share with you some tips before you visit.


We drive on the same side of the road as the UK over here (left hand side). If you are thinking about hiring a car though, be careful! Drivers over here can be pretty crazy at times. Not many people use indicators and round-a-bouts are a bit of a free for all. So if you’re not a confident driver, I’d recommend skipping it.


Like driving, it’s the same as the UK. A three prong plug. However most hotels have Italian style outlets (2 prongs), so you might want to pop in a travel adapter if you’re staying in a hotel. If you’re staying with someone, you won’t need one.


Taxis out here work a little different from the rest of the world. They go on flat fees between localities, no matter how long it takes. (I once got stuck an a huge traffic jam for 3 hours and it still only cost €20!). Stay away from the white taxi’s though, they are notorious for ripping off tourists and will over charge. Keep a number of a local cab company, and call for one if you need it, don’t grab one on the street. I’d recommend using Ecabs.


There are two main areas you’ll likely be staying – Sliema( pronounced Slee-ma) /St.Julians or Bugibba/Qawra (pronounced Boo-gee-ba and Ow-ra). Both areas have different things to offer. If you just want to get drunk in sun cheaply, go to Bugibba. If your looking for a little big more up scale i’d recommend Sliema and St Julians area. There’s plenty of nice restaurant and it’s not far from Valletta which is steeped in history, not to mention the beautiful architecture.


While visiting, you might get a headache and need some aspirin. You can’t buy that  anywhere other than the pharmacies. I used to find this strange as I was used to buying cold and flu medicine at the supermarket in the UK. Now i’m just used to it. So if you need some medicine – the Pharmacy is your place, there is plenty around. But be careful, most only stay open until 7pm, and close on Sunday. However there are a handful that open on Sundays, it changes every week. You can find the list here.

I hope you found this guide helpful, and if you do visit I hope you have an amazing time. If there is anything else you’d like to know, just ask in the comments below.

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  1. Great post and tips! This makes me miss Malta so so much; I visited St Julian’s when I was little and revisited 3/4 years ago and stayed at the Hotel Juliani. Such a beautiful little island <3


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