Christmas Shopping in London

oxford-street-christmas-lights-switch-on-3d8cbb0789d19869f91a061e1df6a0f2Photo Credit : Visit London

It’s become a bit of a tradition over the last few years, that me and my boyfriend make a trip to London for some Christmas shopping. I’d only ever been to London before for work, so I’d never really had much shopping time. So it’s nice to go when I have no other commitments. Although we only go for a day, we still always have lots of fun and manage to cram as much shopping in as possible.

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Bar de la Beauté

bar de la beaute 2

For the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a new beauty salon under construction near my office in Sliema – Bar de la Beaute, I’ve been walking past it everyday and I was intrigued to know more about it. Lucky for me the owner – Binta got in touch and invited me along for a sneak peak at what was going on.

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Movie nights

movie night 2

Over the festive period I made a trip back to Scotland to spend it with family and friends. I don’t go back as often as I’d like, infact Christmas 2014 was my last visit so it had been a year since I’d seen a lot of people.

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My Christmas Eve Routine

Christmas Eve Routine

Christmas Eve is my second favourite day of the year (after christmas day itself). I love the satisfaction of knowing that all the presents are wrapped and all the food is bought and I can finally relax at the most hectic time of the year, before the chaos that is Christmas day.

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Hair refresh at Mode

mode hair dressing

Towards the end of summer this year, I was looking for a bit of a hair change, I’d always fancied Ombre, but I hadn’t hear of anyone in Malta doing balayage. But through I the grape vine, I heard about Jess at Mode hairdressing in L-Ibragg, I contacted her and we made an appointment. Sadly I didn’t take a picture then when I had my hair done, but she did a fantastic job.

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