What’s in Mums suitcase


Ok so it’s a bit of a weird title, but let me explain. For those who are new to the blog. I’m from the UK but live in Malta, which means my parents come over to visit and when they do, they always bring me a suitcase full of goodies. So I thought i’d show you what my mum brought me on her last visit.


Of course, there is the obligatory trip to Primark:

  • Led Sign
  • Make up brush holder
  • Pom pom keyring
  • Bath mat
  • Disney Jumper
  • Cropped Hoodie
  • Checked shirt


And of course goodies from Boots:

  • Bondi Sands Liquid gold (fake tan)
  • Prada Candy perfume
  • Hand sanitisers (strawberry laces and bubble gum scents)


And last but not least – FOOD!!

  • Hula Hoops (no idea why we don’t get these in Malta)
  • Millionaire shortbread

There was also a few bits and pieces – some bits from New Look, Bikinis and that cute little glitter bag from River island you can see in the main picture.

What treats do you like getting from overseas?

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