New Blogging Desk


So if you’re in Malta, and if you’re not – buying furniture in Malta can be pretty expensive. However thankfully, there are a few companies that bring in Ikea furniture to the Island. You send them a list of what you want and they add 25-30% on top of that and go to Sicily for you and collect it and then deliver to you.

In my opinion this works out a lot cheaper than buying something local, I try to buy local when I can but the prices for something that isn’t great quality can’t be justified.

So anyway, recently I placed an order and got this Micke Desk is White, it wouldn’t be a blogging desk if it wasn’t white right?


I also picked up some file organisers and mini plant pots to use as a pencil holder (I also use these as brush holders).

So there you have it, my new little blogging desk set up.

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