My most used iPhone feature

add to reading list

So this is a bit of a weird post, I’m not sure if everyone in the world knew about this function except me. But if you don’t – it’s going to change your life!

So at the end of last year I discovered the “Add to reading list” function on the iPhone. I use it primarily when I’m on twitter. If one of you lovely people have posted a link to an article or post that takes my fancy that I want to read, but don’t have the time at the moment- I click on the link and ‘add to reading list’.

This saves the link in my reading list so I can go back when I have more time and read it at my leisure. It also works across your devices, so if you have an iPad or mac book, you’ll be able to access your reading list from those as well.

This allows me to never miss a post or article I want to read from my favourite bloggers and magazines. If you’re not already using this function, it will change your life (ok maybe a little dramatic – but you’ll be able to read more of what interests you)

Do you use this feature, or was I the last person to hear about it?

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