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Over the festive period I made a trip back to Scotland to spend it with family and friends. I don’t go back as often as I’d like, infact Christmas 2014 was my last visit so it had been a year since I’d seen a lot of people.

To have a catch up with my friends, I thought it would be a great idea to have a Christmas movie night to get us in the festive spirit and catch up on each others news. Some of my friends have kids now, so we picked a kid friendly but classic movie – The Grinch.

movie night `

On Christmas eve, we all met up for dinner and drinks, afterwards the boys headed to the pub, and the girls headed home with the kids to get settled down for the evening to watch our movie. We were lucky enough to be treated to some tasy retro sweets as well as delicious toffee,caramel and cinnamon popcorn (it was as tasty as it sounds!).


The adults wrapped presents and gossiped, while the kids devoured the sweets and tried to unwrap the presents – ha! I had a great evening with everyone, and it was such a great way to bring everyone together again. This was my first movie night in a long time, and i’ll be definitely  doing it again soon.

My movie night was sponsored by Gracewell residental care homes a care home provider. They have regular movie nights with their residents and their families. Movie nights are a great way to bring all members on the family together, no matter what age they are.

Do you have movie nights with your family?


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