Have you met this little Fab bag?

Fab Little Bag

Ladies, have you heard about the fab little bag? This is a great little invention for ladies and you’ll wonder what you did before you had these.

Fab Little Bag is a discreet little bag that you can drop your used tampon into (or intimate wipes) and hygienically seal securely with one hand by using the patented clever finger loops. Think how handy this is when you have a used tampon in the other hand.


The bags are made from 35% organic material as well as being oxo-biodegradable, allowing you to dispense of your tampon without blocking toilets, and polutting sewers, seas and rivers. It’s better for the environment, if you care about that kind of thing (and you should!)

Simply slip your fingers through the loops to open the bag, pop your tampon inside and remove the small bit of plastic to expose the sticky seal and then close – and you’re done. Pop it in a bin, or it will keep closed and secure until you can find somewhere suitable to dispose of it. But with the neutral packaging no one will ever know what is inside.

Fab little Bags are available in most Waitress stores, Ocado online, Pink Parcel and Sanitary Owl Subscription boxes as well as www.fablittlebag.com from as little as £1.99.

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