I burned out from Blogging

It’s been a good few weeks…ok a month or so since I willed myself to sit down at the computer and write a blog post.

I certainly didn’t lose interesting, i love everything blogging related and the people in the blogging community. I just kinda….got a little overwhelmed with it all and burned out a little.

When I launched this site, I had content going live every single day, i hit the ground running…all while trying to juggle a full time job and what i could manage of social life, all while trying to work out, be healthy and save the world….all the things we *have* to do right. It was just all too much and I quit doing everything for a few weeks.

I was constantly comparing myself to other bloggers and disappointed in myself that I could put out the same quality of content and images as them.

So I’m back, I’m going start slowly and ease myself back into blogging and getting into a routine and work out what works best for me without burning myself out again. I’m going to plan my goals, and give myself a reasonable time line to achieve them and stop comparing myself to other.

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