3 Books to read before the movies in 2016

girl on the train

I’ve always loved reading books, but sometimes there doesn’t seem enough time in the day. Last year I vowed to read more books, I was aiming at 1 a month and I did well for about 3/4 months and life got in the way. I even started a book club at work so it would give me the motivation to read more books, but no one else read the books – haha!

So I’m going to try and read more this year as well, at this time of the year there’s always lists floating about – books to read before the movie, and I enjoy picking the ones that take my fancy. So here’s what I’ll be reading and watching in 2016…well 3 of the books anyway!

The Girl on the train

I’m cheating a little bit with this one, as I started reading it last year. I’m almost finished and hope to finish it before the end of January. The move will be released October 7th and will star : Rebecca Ferguson, Emily Blunt, and Justin Theroux

About: Rachel, a recently divorced woman, takes the same train every day for her morning commute, and with it comes a routine of watching a perfect couple dine for breakfast on their deck. But one day, she witnesses something shocking, and reports it to the authorities, becoming entwined in the mystery that follows. Emily Blunt stars as the lead, and the film is already being compared to Gone Girl.


Maybe a little cliche but I love the Dan Brown books, although I’ve not read this one yet so it’s on my list for 2016. The movie will be released October 14 and will star: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, and Ben Foster

About: Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of symbolism, wakes up in an Italian hospital with no recollection of the past 36 hours, including the origin of the macabre object hidden in his belongings. When he is chased by an assassin, he and his doctor, Sienna Brooks, flee Florence and embark on a journey to unlock codes that are tied to a brilliant scientist obsessed with The Inferno. Tom Hanks returns to The DaVinci Code world in this epic thriller.

How to be single 

I haven’t read any of Lizz Tuccillo’s books,but the book sounds funny, not to mention an epic castThe movie will be released Feb 12 (perfect for all those single ladies on Valentines day) and will star: Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie, and Leslie Mann

About: From the co-author of He’s Just Not That Into You, this story follows Julie, a single thirtysomething book publisher living in New York City. Julie is forced to plan a “single ladies” night after her friend is left by her husband, but Julie comes to realize that she is tired of the game and wants to find love. She quits her job and travels the world, finding romance and heartbreak, all while her friends back home are dealing with their own single struggles. The film adaptation has a pretty amazing female cast, and will likely make for a good comedy!

I still need more book recommendations for the rest of the year – let me know what books you’re loving.


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