What I’m giving up for Lent…

what i'm giving up for lent

Let me start off by saying i’m not remotely religious, however this year I thought I’d give up something for Lent. It will give me the motivation, and if I’m going to celebrate pancake day and eat my weight in chocolate eggs on Easter, I might as well go in for the full haul.

So for my first Lent i’ll be giving up Chocolate and Crisps. I have a pretty sweet tooth and do love a bit of chocolate so I think it might be quite hard. But because it’s only for 40 days I think I’ll manage. Plus it’s not such a bad thing to cut out, right?

The most difficult day might be Valentines if I receive some chocolate, but i’ll need to save those until easter. After Lent is over, I full intend to break my fast and enjoy a LOT of chocolate on Easter.

And who knows, after 40 days without chocolate I might not want it…but I don’t see that happening, but I hope to have it in moderation and not every other day like I am at the moment.

So that’s my Lent story. Are you giving anything up for Lent?

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