Fre(n)sh – Malta

frensh malta

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I had these amazing cakes for breakfast on Sunday (It was a little cheat meal!) and not all to myself might I add – I’d love to each 3 cakes for breakfast any day of the week ha!

Frensh is a little French patisserie that opened in Balutta Bay last year and from time to time we like to treat ourselves to little pastry on a Sunday morning. I normally convince my boyfriend to go and surprise me, and on Sunday this is what he brought back.


They always have the most amazing looks cake, that taste equally as amazing everything is so fresh and delicious. Everything is made fresh in store daily. So if you ever find yourself around Balutta Bay and looking for something delicious I highly recommend you stop by Frensh. If you’d like to see more mouth watering photos, check out their Facebook page

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