Which to buy : Jimmy Choo or Louboutin?

louboutin vs jimmy choo

So if you’re reading this I’m guessing you like nice shoes like me. I have a bit of addiction to designer shoes (and handbags for that matter). The main contenders that everyone will associate with designer shows is Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, and that’s fair enough, they are both equally produce some amazing shoe designs. But if you’re looking to invest in your first pair of designer heels, i’ve put together a little bit of a guide.

Jimmy Choo

In my opinion Jimmy Choo produces a lot of timeless classic shoes, one that you can wear to most occasion. They do do more ‘out there’ designs, but their core collection is classics.

When buying your ‘first pair’, I’d recommend going with something black in design that won’t go out of fashion like a pump or a peep toe. These types of shoes are very versatile and can be dressed up or down. My first pair of Jimmy Choo’s were a black peep toe, and I still wear them today. I save them for evening outs and special occasions but they go with most outfits I have.

In terms of comfort, between the 2 brands, Jimmy Choo wins every time hands down. I own multiple pairs from both brands and if I know i’ll be standing for any length of time I always reach for the Choos.

Christian Louboutin

What girl couldn’t resist a red sole. These shoes are beautifully crafted and look amazing. The red sole is instantly recognisable and adds glamour to any outfit. Sadly though, from the pairs that I own, I find them to be rather impractical for anything other than sitting down in. It’s well know that Louboutins run small, so if you do want to by a pair I’d suggest doing in a shop where you can try them on. From the pairs that I own, 1 pair is way too high to walk in and another one hurts my toes. They are quite slim fitting shoes, so if you have a wide foot you can forget about it.

It boils down to what you want out of a show really. If you want designer shoes that you and wear again and again in comfort – I’d go for Jimmy Choo’s. If you’re buying them because you want designer shoes but won’t be doing much standing in them – I’d go for Louboutins.

Which option would you pick?

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