Buying your first designer handbag

designer handbag

So I have a slight designer handbag addiction (as well as shoes), I see them as an investment. I work hard and save hard, so why not treat myself? I’m guessing if your reading this,  you love handbags too, you might own a couple or you’re thinking of investing. So keep on reading:

Think about the future – First off, if you’re going to be make your first investment, go for a handbag that is a classic shape and colour. There’s no point in buying this season must have green bag in a flower shape , when next season the in colour will be orange. I would suggest going with either black or brown. You can also add a green or orange scarf around the handle so you get a bit of the latest colour, and your bag will see you through many seasons.

Don’t pick the first one you see – while it’s easy to fall in love with a bag, it’s easy to fall in love again when you see a new one. Take your time, have a look at different brands and options. Google the bags you like and look at all the pictures and how it’s styled.

Take a good look – if you’ve never seen this bag in person, go in store and try it on. Wear an outfit you’d imagine yourself wearing it with to see how it looks. If you’re going to buy leather tote, there’s no point going in in gym clothes.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience – so you should, you’re spending a lot of money. I would recommend – if possible – visit the brand store. At the higher end stores, the assistants will look after you, there will be comfortable seating and usually refreshments on offer. Let them know you’re in to purchase something – so they don’t waste their time. You’ll usually have one person looking after you, so be sure to ask questions if you have any. If they don’t advise on care of the bag – make sure you ask too.

And lastly – Enjoy the experience, the store will take their time wrapping up the bag so it’s all presented perfectly for you. Now you can go home and unpack your new baby. When storing the bag, I’d suggest stuffing it with tissue paper so it keeps the shape for when it’s not in use.

What was your ‘first’?

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