Buying Designer Clothes Out Of Season

buying designer clothes out of season

Who doesn’t love a nice piece of luxury clothing or a pair of designer shoes, but at half price – we love them a little more right? Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips and websites for snagging a great designer bargain.

First off, my top tip is – buy staples out of season. If you’re looking to add pair of designer boots to your collection, think about looking for them in summer. Or perhaps you’d like some nice designer sandals – buy them in winter.

If you’d like your hard earned cash to go further, I wouldn’t suggest buying designer pieces that are ‘in fashion’. It might be popular now to have the neon pink top, but will you wear it next year? Probably not. Instead go for staples that you know you’ll get wear out of year after year. Here’s a list of items and when is the best time to get them at discount:


Summer dresses


Heavy winter jackets

So you know what you want, but where do you look. Below is a list of my favourite designer bargain sites.

The Outnet

This is the sister discount site of net-a-porter, so you’ll be able to pick up some louboutins here. The stock changes quite often so you have to be quick, but on the right day you’ll manage to get a pair of Loboutins for up to 70% off.

Secret Sales

You need to sign up before you get the browse the merchandise but you’ll get some great bargains. They have the likes of vintage Chanel and Louis Vuttion. They also have different big sales each week, so keep an eye out for whats on sale at the time and you might managed to get


This is just a regular website, but they do have a sale section that I find to be quite good. I managed to get 50% off a pair of Diane Von Furstenberg boots once. They have a good selection of clothes and you’ll find many staples here like jackets, jeans, and t-shirts.

What’s your favourite designer discount sites?

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