What is affiliate marketing

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Last week I briefly touched upon the topic of affiliate marketing in my How to make money blogging post and I thought I’d go into a little bit more detail today.

So as I mentioned Affiliate Marketing is basically getting paid for recommending products or services.

But how does it work?

First off you’ll need to join an affiliate program. If you’re blogging below is a list of programs I recommend to get you started:

Affiliate Window
Commission Junction
Amazon Affiliates
Ebay Partners

When joining these programs you’ll need to verify that you own the site that you want to place affiliate links on. This usually consists of adding a small piece of code onto your website (it won’t be visible to your users).

How do they know who I sent?

Once you’ve set everything up, you’ll next be able to grab a link or banner to place on your website. Both of these will contain a unique tracking number associated to you. When a user clicks on a link you’ve put linking to a product or website you are recommending, a cookie is dropped onto the users computer and when they sign up or make a purchase this cookie is captured by the website and associated to that customer. All this information is fed back into the affiliate program and you’ll be able to see statistics such as view, clicks and signups/purchases.

How and when will I be paid?

You’ll usually be paid a percentage of how much your referred customer spends. This is called Revenue Share. Check when signing up how much you’ll receive. There are other form of payment such as CPL (cost per lead), these means you are paid a fixed rate for every sign up. CPC (cost per click), you are paid a small amount for every click you generate on your link.

Programs usually pay out one a month, providing you have earned enough to meet their minimum payout value. You can also check this when apply to a program.

What does an affiliate link look like?

If you are trying to think how to use this. Have a look at this post, all the links on that page contain my unique tracking number. So if anyone buys something that i’ve recommend – Amazon affiliates will pay me say 5% of the how much they spend.

I hope you’ve found this useful. If you have any other questions about affiliate marketing, just let me know in the comments below.

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