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You’ll have probably have noticed that bloggers have recently been upping their photography game with nice backgrounds and cute props. We’ll today I’ll be talking about photography backgrounds and where you can buy them.

The Classic  Marble background

No, unfortunately not all bloggers have beautiful marble all around their house with amazing natural light for the cutest photos – it’s a case of fake it until you make it. This is a really popular option at the moment (guilty as charged). My background is actually a roll of sticky back paper, and it’s a lot cheaper that buying real marble.

Marble Paper – £6.63

Wood flooring

Another popular choice at the moment. I actually tried to buy this in a photography backdrop(from China) and it was a disaster, it came with loads of folds in it and I couldn’t iron it or it ruined the print. So like above, I recommend going with a roll over paper.

Wood Flooring paper – £7.24

Cream fur

Another popular background, this can be easily achieved with a faux fur rug, you might be able to find a cheap one in local stores, if not here’s a link to one online:

Cream faux fur rug – £13.99

Clean White Background

This is properly the easiest and cheapest option. Simply go to a stationary shop and purchase a large piece of white card. I recommend buying a couple as back ups as white can easily get dirty and you want that clean white look in every shot.

I hope this helped, if there are any other types of backgrounds you’re looking for let me know and i’ll find you a link.

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