How to start making money blogging

how to make money blogging

So you’ve started a blog, but you don’t have a clue how to start monetising all your hard work. While we all blog for the love it, there’s no harm in earning some extra pennies along the way.

When you first start blogging, you won’t be getting paid to write content or for sponsored posts until you’ve built up a following, however that doesn’t stop you earning something when you’re starting out.

These methods won’t let you give up your day job, but it might lead to some extra pocket money.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing allows you to get paid for your referrals to companies and websites. You are usually rewarded a small % of the amount your referred customer spends. So if you’re talking about a lipstick you bought, or a dress you like – make sure you add in an affiliate link to it, so your readers can buy it.

There is many programs and networks out there. A good place to start is Affiliate Window, they have a large selection of high street stores you can link to.

Google Ad Sense

You can add this to your blog and you’ll earn commission if anyone clicks on the banners. These are usually used for retargeting. So if someone who is reading your blog has recently been on say –, there’s a good chance they’ll see a boohoo advert. You don’t get to pick what the user see’s – you just add the code to the space and google decides. You won’t earn loads through this, but every little helps.

Advertising other blogs

Another way you can make a small income is by advertising other bloggers blogs. They usually pay you a small monthly fee and in return you’ll place banner of theirs in your side bar, or you might do a post about their blog. Each person who advertises is different, so you can offer as little or as much exposure as feel like. The more visitors you have to your blog the more you can charge, but start off low – £5/10. You can always take on more than one blog to advertise at a time.

So there you have it, none of these methods will get you rich quick, but it will start generating a small income. The bigger your blog gets, the bigger your income potential will be.


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