Friday Blogging Tips : Starting a new blog

starting a new blog

So today’s blogging tips are aimed at people who might already have a blog, but are thinking about starting a new one. Maybe you started a fashion blog, and now you want to do beauty. Or you started a beauty blog and want to start a lifestyle blog (like me).

First thing you’ll probably be worried about is losing all your followers that you worked so hard to build up across varies platforms. Don’t worry you’ll still be able to keep them.

I managed to keep my followers and move them to my blog from the following platforms:

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Bloglovin

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all you need to simply do is choose a new username and you’ll keep all your followers. The only thing you’ll lose if people linked to your old name they won’t be able to click on it now. However you’ll keep all your followers.

With Bloglovin’, create a new blog and verify it like you did before. Now go to Blog Analytics and there will be an option under your old blog stats saying “Move followers to NEW BLOG NAME”, click on that and it’s done. You’ve moved all your followers over to your new blog.

Now bear in mind some of your old followers might not be interested in your new blog, so be prepared to lose a couple. But you’ll have a base to start from on your new blog and all your past hard work won’t be wasted.

As for the rest of your new blog, once you’ve choose your platform and name you’ll be ready to go with your new blog. If this is your second blog, you might be interested in my post – 5 blogging mistakes I made first time around.

Good luck with your new blog!

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