Friday blogging tips – Choosing a blog name

how to choose a blog name

Before even starting a blog, the first thing you need to do is – choose a blog name. Now this is the fun and easy part. You might already have something in mind, or you might need some inspiration.

There’s two ways you can go – 1) pick a general name, if you’re not 100% what you’ll blog about – for example, or 2) pick something related to the topic you’ll be blogging about. We’ll take beauty as example, so something with beauty in the name such as or something beauty related – lipstick – A popular trend at the moment is Item X and Item Y – LipstickAndCupcakes for example, which I think it cute, but it depends how original you want to be.

For me, when I’m picking a blog name, I think of famous phrases or lyrics and play on them. My old blog – BeautySheWrote, was a play on Murder she wrote, and this blog…well, that’s a bit of a funny story. I’d actually remembered the phrase wrong, it was meant to be ‘a few of my favourite things’ from the song ‘My Favourite things’, but i’d bought the name and set everything up before I’d realised my mistake and I decided just to roll with it.

Once you have some ideas, the first thing I’d do is google the phrase or name to see if anyone has already picked that blog name. Secondly once you have some good ideas, head over to and see what .com and URLs are available. If is taken, you don’t want to have . If you think you’ll stick to blogging, I’d recommend buying the domain, most are under £10 so it’s a small but worthwhile investment. If you’re not sure, then i’d leave it to later.

Once you’ve picked your name, you can change your blog name however you’ll lose all the links you’ve worked hard to build up, linking to your site. So let’s just say you’re stuck with your domain name, so pick something you won’t feel silly saying out loud. If in a few years, you outgrow your blog like I did, you can always start something new, on a different topic with a new name.

Once you’ve got that down, you can choose the blogging platform that you’ll be using.

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