What is a favicon and how to get one

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A Favicon is basically the little icon that displays next to your site name in web browsers. Mine is just an S and it looks like this:


If you haven’t uploaded one, it will just show a default page like below (or a orange B if you’re using Blogger):


Adding a favicon to your site gives it a more it a more professional look and feel to your site and it’s a job that takes less than 2 minutes and i’m going to show you how:

Step 1: Pick an logo, letter or symbol you want to use are you favicon. Remembers it’s only 32×32 pixels so you can’t use a photography of you, it will need to be something that will still look good when small.

Step 2: Go to a favicon generator site suck as : Favicon.co.uk, follow the instructions and upload your image, generate it then download it.

Now depending on what platform your using, the steps will be different:


Go to: Appearance>Themes > Customise (the theme that you’re using( . Once if your theme look for something such as favicon or site identity. Under there it will allow you to upload your favicon. – Save and you’re done.


Go to your dashboard and click on layout. At the top right hand corner of the layout screen you’ll see favicon, click edit and upload your favicon file. Save and you’re done.

Next refresh to see your favicon (note: if you’re using Safari this won’t show)



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