How I edit my instagram photos – white theme

instagram white themeAs instagram is becoming more and more popular bloggers and companies are upping their insta-game. A lot of bloggers are having a ’theme’ for their instagram, I jumped on the bandwagon and started editing my photo to fit in with a white theme.

Here’s a little look at my insta – if you’re not following you can here:



I try to have my picture as light and white as possible. Lighting and life doesn’t always allow for the perfect white crisp pictures you see, so there is a couple of apps I use to help me get there.

I use 2 apps:


I use this app to brighten my images and adjust the contract if needed.

Face tune

I use this app for the whitening tool – I guess it would normally be used to whiten teeth however I use it to whiten backgrounds and anything else white in the photo.

Both these apps are really easy to use and it take about minute to edit and adjust photos to how I like them,

How do you edit your pictures?

2 thoughts on “How I edit my instagram photos – white theme

  1. Love it! Its such a subtle adjustment that people wouldn’t normally notice right away, but it makes such a diffrence in a huge way. Awesome!

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